Diving Courses

Diving Spots

We invite you to the most popular and efficient spots where you can explore the batiks, caves and also enjoy your diving. With its rich fish verity and beautiful underwater atmosphere Kaş has more than 30 diving sports. It offers you a brilliant holiday and is appropriate for novice divers, professional divers and divers to be.

Padi Courses

Never dived before, then experience the thrill of diving under the supervision of a PADI professional in our discover scuba diving program. The PADI Discover Scuba Program offers everyone who would like to experience the wonderful feeling of zero gravity under water a discover scuba day without any abligation here in Kaş.

CMAS Kursları

The CMAS 1 course is one of the most preferred by the first time divers.  It a theoric and practic course and teaches while having fun. People who achieve this international CMAS 1 diploma will be able to dive in any sea in any international country up to 18 meters.(with minimum of 3 divers).