Diving Courses

How about learning how to dive in the warm and turquoise sea of the Mediterraneans. And also have a great holiday while the sun rays dance on your skin. Come to join us on a brilliant diving holiday…


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Experienced Trainers

Our PADI and CMAS diving courses which is the most popular diving systems in the world. With Apollo Diving Center you can have good fun and quality ,teorical & pratical diving trainings by our experienced diving trainers…

Explore Kaş!

With its history, nature and antique city…
Where else would you go? What could you do here? How do you use transport?

Explore The Underwaters!

Diving Center

It’s a wonderful, exciting and fun adventure for you and your family to explore the beautiful underwater world.
After a short brief about diving you can learn the diving rules and dive with a professionel diving instructer.

Diving is a exciting sport that gives you a brilliant unique experience. Our courses and diving programes are designed money and time wise with many options for you. All of our PADI and CMAS courses are under the supervision of professional diving instructers. Theoric lessons, visual lessons, shallow water lessons and last but not least your experience finishes with deep water lessons. At the end of the course we have an exam in the exam is theoric and practical questions. After you answer these questions correctly you earn your diving certificate.

No, to be able to take diving lessons its enough to be healthy and have a normal form. During the course there will be exercises for our trainees for them to redound their swimming skills. Before the diving you will have to fill our a form to inform us that you don’t have any health problems against diving. In some situations there will be need in a doctors confirmation.

Diving training is usually preferred in warm, clear waters with hot sunny days. These environments are better because its easier to get focuses and have a good concentration underwater.

The Apollo diving center is a diving center recognized by Turkish Water Sports federation (TSSF). In the confirmation of TSSF is has two courses named PADI and CMAS which is a international diving certificate. All of our trainers are English knowing and are appointed by the TSSF.